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Reality of my Project

In this blog I am going to talk about the parameters and the reality of my new project. Things I will need to have to make sure this project comes to life are: actors, 2 microphones, 2 cameras, 2 cameramen, props, and a script. This film will different a lot from my other films because essentially we are filming "live." By live I don't mean live streaming, I mean that there are no double takes. All the footage is raw and authentic.

A big issue I ran into while talking with my mentor from last year Jorge Morga is about filming peoples faces. Obviously this social experiment will be amongst the general public and you are not allowed to film the a person without permission. I was unsure of what to do about this since the whole point of the social experiment is to "hide the camera." Mr. Morga told me that after an interaction with an actor and a person is over to go up to the person and ask for permission to use their face in a video. If they say no then you can still use the footage, but you just have to blur out their face.

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