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Back in Action

I've decided to switch to text entrees for my blogs due to technical issues for my digital portfolio. Vlogs are become too large and complicated to insert into a digital portfolio. Additionally I was set back because I was out with Covid for two weeks.

Since this is my first official "blog," I want to catch everyone up. First semester I worked on two documentaries as practice in the field. I wanted to send a sense of what I liked and didn't like in the field of documentary film. The purpose of this was in preparation of a big documentary where I was to travel to Africa to document the creation of a new facility. I've hit a reality check. The Africa project will happen, but it won't happen in the time span I want it to happen in. It is estimated to be a 3-4 year project and that won't fit my current schedule. I will still work on this project, but my main current focus has shifted. I will talk about my new idea in the next blog.

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